Wet Boot Brewery

2016–17 Branding, Packaging, Environment, Photography

Project Scope

Wet Boot Brewery has been a main watering hole for Oregon natives for years. In the Pacific Northwest, boots are seldom dry but always different from feet to feet. Nevertheless, rain or shine, all boot sizes are welcome for a delicious local brew at the wet boot brewery home base.

The brand and logotype were inspired by puddles littering the ground some 120+ days out of the year. These puddles don’t stop folks from lacing up and getting out to smell the rainfall. Brand new, state-of-the-art labeling machinery allows for the logo to be unique from bottle to bottle, a variation being printed on the fly.

Each signature brew features a different type of boot that best matches the respective beer and flavor profile. They are showcased with their footwear counterpart in a set of promotional items.


The Hiker

With over 100 IBUs, the hiker has enough eye-popping intensity for even the most ardent hopheads. Rain or shine, we suggest pairing it with a group of trekking buddies and a campfire.

The Biker

A surprisingly light-bodied stout with hints of chocolate and coffee. Like the dark side of the moon, this beer has a smooth, subtle and intricate mouth feel. the biker has won two medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

The Hipster

A German Pilsner with a clean and refreshing aroma, the hipster has great malt flavor and a subtle hop finish. Our house session lager is refreshing, original and limitless—like that first perfect Portland summer day.