Kyushu Volcanic Cuisine

2017 Design, Packaging, Concept, Photography

Project Description

Kyushu Volcanic Cuisine is a fiery Japanese dining experience rooted in local authenticity. Kyushu sets its sight on breathing hot, bright life into traditional southern Japanese delicacies.

for the folks who are never
satisfied by the bland and
regular. We are fueled by the
same magma-hot energy that
fills the center of the earth.
kyushu volcanic cuisine aims
for explosive flavor through
an authentic, unforgettable
dining experience.

I was tasked with designing a promotional kit complete with a branding guideline book. I hand-made the box by using only x-acto blades. Ask me about it sometime. I’ll say bad things. Inside is a set of custom chopsticks/business cards, the brand book itself, and, of course, a limited-edition bottle of delicious house-made Saké.