I made this thing

I couldn't tell you what version this site is currently sitting in, even though I have it somewhere in a repo somewhere. It's a constant project that will never not be a work in progress.

I built it using Kirby, which is a terrific flat file CMS that's just simple enough for me to mix and match into something functional. Lot's of flexibility with room for custom extension. Straight up, no bullshit templating and content organization.

Everything is set in Wei Huang's Work Sans. One of my favorite grotesque sans faces to come out in recent years. I've begun to adopt it as the typeface for all my self-branded materials. It's flexible and has a nice bit of personality to it. For the type geeks out there, I used smartquotes.js to make sure I paid my respects to the extreme detail-work Wei invested into this typeface.

As far as other tidbits go, I'm doing this all on a late 2015 Macbook Pro. I know. Shocker right. It's arguably the best laptop ever made.

I like using VS Code with iTerm and I primarily design for screens in Sketch but use anything from Photoshop to Illustrator and the rest of them between.