Designer Hand Yoga

Posted June 14th, 2017

Yoga. For your hands!

We use our hands quite a bit. Sketching, typing, tapping, gesturing, shaking, pointing, washing (should go without saying), clicking... you get the idea. They’re always behind whatever craft we do and are always willing to take a good beating.

Invest in your highly capable, highly versatile paws by giving them a quick workout for a short and sweet 10 minutes a day. Perfecting these poses will ensure your mitts are as lean, mean and ready for anything as can be.

I made a poster that gives you some incentive to stretch your hands out a bit. The limited edition set even comes with a custom made mini yoga mat!

While you say hi you can ask if I have any left and maybe we can work something out.

It's free to download! Just don't sell it. If you're feeling nice, maybe give me a little shoutout if you REALLY like it. (@andrewcio)

Download the PDF Poster ↓