Creative Somethings Debrief

Posted May 7th, 2016

Well. I finished it.

This odd project was a fun one. I found early on that the key to making this whole thing work was to not worry about the polish and the shine.

I had an idea and simply ran with it.

I was able to drop any worry about how something might turn out and just did it. This attitude helped me to express my concepts visually; even if the resulting images were a little rough around the edges.

What started as toothpaste doodles on my bathroom mirror eventually evolved into a series of interesting video doodles. In between were a set of glitch art attempts speckled with several illustrations, photos and even a couple motion graphic experiments.

At one point, I even lit a stuffed giraffe on fire.

In the first few days of the thing, a list of concepts and ideas materialized. These playful ideas, some of which surprisingly entertaining, became the focus of the challenge. Instead of making something that simply looked nice, the goal was to communicate these concepts visually. I started playing with inversions, perspective, value, groovy colors, etc. I was manipulating tools in ways I don't think I would've otherwise. I flat out started breaking shit; messing with whatever parameter I could to try and replicate the things I was imagining.

I finished the damn thing

I won't lie. There were definitely a few bullshit posts where you can clearly see me scrambling to share something that day.

Even in these situations, I aimed to at least grab a different angle, play with a different perspective, or focus on a interesting shape/line. I embraced the bullshit when I knew I was pressed for time. Hell, I embraced the bullshit even when I wasn't. Regardless, I'm proud to say that, as far as I can recall, there were only two instances where I missed a post. And even then, I compensated by catching up within a few hours. Considering I haven't finished a challenge all the way through until now, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

The main takeways:

  • Make first, polish later.
  • Focus on the concept.
  • Experiment early and often.
  • Embrace bullshit, distraction and failure.
  • Andrew has a thing for video doodles and glitch art.

Overall, I'm very glad I got off my ass one day and did it. Now that I know it's possible to finish a self-starting personal project, I've built up a nice little confidence cache. I've learned that I can push myself without sputtering out in the first few meters.

That little validation alone was worth the time and effort.

A few of my favorite posts from #CreativeSomethingsChallenge:

Cloud direction above the childhood tree #CreativeSomethingsChallenge

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