Andrew Ciobanasiu's Creative Somethings

Posted April 1st, 2016

I'm doing something Creative

There's the 30 day photo challenge, month of type experiment, three weeks of color exploration, mograph 365, belfie Tuesday, bro-sesh flex Thursday... so on so forth.

The goal of these things is to improve in the <whatever> of your choosing. Sharing these things, after a length of time, is meant to show progression and growth. Then, comes the happy, smiley, self-pat-on-the-back time.


  • You're really good at taking totally sick pics of your cats!
  • Damn, those are some rad vegan slurpies!
  • Great job on those hand woven hair nets!
  • I wish I could make corn sculptures like that!

It doesn't matter what it is. The progress is in the process. Seeing the growth for yourself is reason enough to at least give it a shot. But what's interesting is that something changes deep in the manic, socially over-stimulated, hot, pathetic mess of the modern mind when you share. Whatever switch is flipped allows for a curious kind of validation to be experienced. Sharing these surprisingly intimate micro-journeys for the world to see opens the doors to expression and creativity.

I totally start these things all the time

I'm potentially really good at a whole lot of things. It's amazing. Really.

My problem is that I never seem be able to see these projects through.
My problem is that my mind works in a cyclical series of distractions. I start something and totally engross myself for anywhere from 24–72 hours. I dig in, burn through, absorb, regurgitate, obsess, experiment, try, fail, fix, break, fix again, whatever... but only for a little while. Until I inevitably burn myself out and jump down another rabbit hole.

So I'm starting a thing for myself:


I've decided that before I can commit to focusing on a specific skill, I should probably focus on being disciplined enough to just focus in the first place. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must make something. Anything.
  2. You must post something every day for the next month.

That's it.

My version is stupidly simple. Irritatingly vague.

It could be a photo, a drawing, an illustration, some colors, a disfigured fruit, maybe some yarn arranged to be not yarn, whatever. Plenty of room for bullshitting.

It's gonna be weird. It's going to look different probably every time. It might fail completely. It's a baby step for me.

This is an exercise in discipline above all else. Apart from that, it's an excuse to force myself into some daily creative thinking. The lack of constraint is definitely a gamble. It's a shift from the work I'm usually doing, which leaves me hopeful for discoveries and lessons along the way. Maybe it leads to a thought that lays the groundwork for another weird challenge or perhaps a new side project. Who knows.

If not, well, at least I finished the damn thing.